Donald H Noble

I firmly believe that high-growth companies require a distinct type of financial leadership. Whether it involves swift mergers and acquisitions, dynamic franchising endeavors, or cutting-edge technological ventures, the pivotal hire is a CFO with a proven track record in such arenas. Armed with a robust financial acumen complemented by technological expertise, and guided by precision and discipline akin to military standards, I leverage my skills to propel companies forward and adeptly maneuver through various opportunities.

My expertise includes:

  • Mergers and acquisitions, including capital raises and exit strategies
  • Enabling high growth companies to succeed, especially technology and franchising concepts.
  • Educating, Training, and Mentoring

As a seasoned financial leader, I bring over three decades of comprehensive expertise in accounting, finance, and operations across diverse industries. Holding both a Bachelor of Science and a Master of Science in Finance, alongside pursuing a Doctorate in Business Administration, I am deeply committed to advancing my knowledge and skills. Additionally, I am certified as a Mergers and Acquisitions Advisor (CM&AA) by the AMAA and hold the designation of Mergers and Acquisitions Professional (M&AP) through the IMAA.

Some examples of significant initiatives that I have led, and
their benefits to my clients and employers, include:
  • Selling a technology company to VMware after increasing their value 4X over 1 year
  • Restructuring the equity structure of a private technology company
  • Launching franchising at a remediation company in Florida
  • Leading operations of a software company through IPO
  • Raising debt and equity financing at several companies
  • Leading the finance arm of many companies to an average of 25% YOY growth

Since 2005, my professional dedication has been centered around delivering fractional CFO services to private companies across diverse industries such as franchising, legal, technology, and high-growth sectors. This focus has allowed me to leverage my expertise in financial leadership and strategic planning to contribute significantly to the success of numerous businesses.

My career journey commenced with an illustrious tenure in the United States Air Force, where I served with pride as a development manager and field technician from July 1984 to January 1990. During this period, I honed my skills in project management, technical proficiency, and leadership, laying the foundation for a career marked by excellence and commitment.

Transitioning from the military to the private sector, I seamlessly applied my acquired skills to navigate the dynamic landscape of financial management. Over the years, I have collaborated with companies of varying sizes and structures, offering tailored fractional CFO services that encompass budgeting, forecasting, risk management, and overall financial strategy. This comprehensive approach has allowed me to make a meaningful impact on the financial health and sustainability of the organizations I have served.

In addition to my core responsibilities, I have continually stayed abreast of industry trends and changes, ensuring that my clients benefit from the latest financial insights and best practices. My commitment to ongoing professional development has been instrumental in providing strategic financial guidance that aligns with the unique needs and goals of each client.

Through my journey, I have not only accumulated a wealth of experience but have also cultivated a deep understanding of the intricacies of financial management across various sectors. This multifaceted background positions me as a versatile and insightful fractional CFO, ready to tackle the financial challenges and opportunities that businesses encounter in today’s ever-evolving economic landscape.

Previously, I held executive financial positions at mid- to large-sized companies including:

  • CFO and Treasurer, Pantheon Vision
  • President, Neumann Roofing and Construction
  • CFO, INT Palladium
  • CFO, VetCor, Tampa
  • Vice-Chair and Board Member, CareerSource Tampa Bay
  • Member of Board of Advisors, Bradford Learning Global, Dubai
  • Interim CFO, Merlin Law Group, Tampa
  • CFO, LSGF Management, Atlanta
  • CFO and VP, Finance, Technology Council of Central PA, Harrisburg
  • CFO, VideoMining Corporation, State College
  • Independent CFO, FP&A and Systems Expert, New England
  • CFO, 1A Auto
  • CFO, Kelser
  • CFO, WorkXpress
  • CFO, Bliss Healthcare
  • CFO and General Manager (Head of Professional Services), New Hampshire
  • Associate – Mergers and Acquisitions, Baldwin & Clarke Corporate Finance, New Hampshire
  • Controller/Finance Manager, 1A Auto, Inc, Boston
  • European Business Manager, EXE Technologies, Dallas

Education and Certifications


In my 10 plus years of working with CFO's, I've never had a better mentor than Don. His slogan of, "Not your ordinary CFO" rings true and is visible in how he approaches every situation. He is not just a boss, he's a leader! I have learned more in the past year about myself and my effectiveness as an HR professional through Don's guidance. His overall business knowledge and expertise in finance has helped our organization flourish. I would recommend Don to any company that is looking for a top-notch CFO.

– Debra Clark, Executive Director at Huntingdon County Business and Industry (HCBI)

Don is an outstanding CFO who has the experience to get to the root of issues quickly and understand the entire company. I would be happy to work with Don again.

– Vincent Olaf, Accounting Manager – WorkXpress

I have worked with Don in several capacities specifically related to corporate finance. He has a strong understanding of both the technical elements of finance as well as the operational impact presented by various financial decisions. His keen grasp of client and vendor relationships is also evident in working with him.

– Sam Coyl, President of Netrepid

Don has been a tremendous asset to the organization. Don brings leadership along with a strong finance and technology management background to any organization that he is associated with and the Technology Council of Central PA benefits from that experience.

– Glenn Lytle, Chief Revenue Officer at Horizon

Don is a talented finance executive with expertise that extends far beyond numbers. His professionalism, ethics and expertise proved invaluable in helping build a successful company. His ability to make day to day decisions while at all times being focused on the strategic goals of the company is unique. I, personally leaned on Don often- he always comes through. Don would be an invaluable asset to any executive team.

– Darlene Myers – Independent Controller, CFO, Forensic Accounting, IT Accounting System Development & Installation