Florida CFO Group Supports Special Needs Job Creation

The Florida CFO Group last month made a financial and operational commitment to Polyblox. Polyblox (www.ilovepolyblox.com) is a for-profit and for-purpose startup whose mission is to teach "joyful inclusion" to kids of all ages.

​The Polyblox totems include letters, images, braille, and ASL (American Sign Language) symbols that help teachers and parents teach "Language and Love" to kids. Polyblox is designed to help kids understand, and joyfully include people who are different. Some are blind and read with their hands. Some are deaf and speak with their hands. People who are born with differences are often left out of fun activities. Polyblox is a toy with a lesson for kids of all ages – that it's good to reach out to people who are different and include them in your playtime.

​Out initial production run of Polyblox was in China, but retail prices were $49 to $65. We sold hundreds of sets, and we received fantastic feedback from parents about them.

Our vision is to spread the spirit of joyful inclusion to more families by lowering the retail price to $29.95.

AND….we want to walk our "joyful inclusion" talk by producing and distributing Polyblox in the USA with the help of adults with special needs.

We found two wonderful non-profit organizations to partner with us to make this happen:

  • OCA in Orlando will be helping us with our SOJI (i.e., Spirit of Joyful Inclusion) campaign
  • MTC (MacDonald Training Center) in Tampa will become our production and distribution partner.

​We plan to raise $100,000 from community partners (that we will call our SOJI Superheroes) through $100 contributions. We are updating our ilovepolyblox.com website to explain the SOJI campaign, set up the payment process, and to feature the SOJI Superheroes posing with Polyblox.

About the Florida CFO Group

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