Here We Grow Again! 3 More CFOs on the Roster

Join us in welcoming three more experts to our CFO partner roster, with each new partner representing a different area in Florida. We welcome Timothy Journy from Tampa, Donna Mackenzie from Orlando, and Nathan Lawless from South Florida.

Our CFO partners collaborate, sharing their expertise so clients have second (or even third) opinions from specialists without the need to seek more outside counsel. When business leaders need strategic direction, financial guidance, and a growth plan, our CFOs step in to be that strategic partner. You choose which CFO would make the best fit as your partner. Fortunately for the Florida CFO Group, we have an expert in nearly every industry with knowledge and experience in a variety of financial skills. Let's start with some of our newest additions:

Tim Journy is goal-focused. He has worked with businesses in numerous industries including public company reporting, private entities, and turnaround situations. He helps build teams with the right talent to achieve overall growth. With more than 30 years of financial leadership experience, Tim has implemented successful strategies in risk management, operational efficiencies, and mergers and acquisitions.

If you need help with selling your business, establishing and overcoming challenging financial plans, creating Risk Control Assessments, implementing due diligence processes, identifying cost savings and operational efficiencies, or communicating complex financial transactions to board members, Tim is your CFO. Simply email Tim to get the conversation started.

Donna Mackenzie is strategic and entrepreneurial. She focuses on navigating companies during periods of high growth and change. Donna pinpoints opportunities by tackling challenges head-on. In addition to being a financial expert, Donna specializes in identifying and implementing technical and operational solutions. Donna's eye for new opportunities, raising capital, building management teams, and moving products to market is what drives revenue for organizations, allowing them to achieve profitability.

If you need help with raising capital, dealing with debt or public financing from stable to unstable markets, positioning your organization for transactions, embarking on due diligence, or negotiations for equity, M&A on both the buy and sell-side, public offerings, or reverse mergers, Donna is your CFO. Email Donna to talk strategy.

Nathan Lawless is a growth guru. He is passionate about scaling organizations and building enterprise value. Nathan is an executive leader with a strategic mindset focused on analysis and capital planning. He is operationally focused, aligning sales, operations, and support with key performance indicators. Nathan uses his expertise in technology and data to position companies for profitability.

If you need help allocating capital and creating infrastructure to encourage growth, developing high-performing finance, HR, and IT functions, or guidance on tying financial and operational goals into focused actionable behaviors that lead to structure and overall improvement, Nathan is your CFO. Email Nathan and let him know you're ready to pay attention to the details that make a difference for your company.


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