Nathan Lawless

I am passionate about growing and scaling organizations with an eye toward building Enterprise value. I bring over a decade of experience in national and international multi-billion dollar companies, and combine that with a decade as CFO and board member for SMBs to help organizations achieve their goals. Whether as a CFO, President, or Board Member, I strive to bring the strategic planning, analysis, and capital planning that large companies excel in to small and mid-size businesses.

Areas in which I enjoy helping clients:

  • Strategic Planning
  • Capital Allocation
  • Growing & Scaling Businesses
  • M&A
  • Multi-Unit/Multi-Site Leadership
  • Exit Strategies
  • Bank Debt and Reporting
  • Franchise

As an operationally-focused financial leader, I align sales, operations, and support organizations with strategic plans and associated key performance indicators. My experience in growing and scaling organizations, with a strong focus on the use of technology and data to improve profitability, is at the core of my work with small and midsize businesses. From developing the strategic plan to allocating capital and creating the infrastructure to encourage growth, I focus on driving value for owners.

I partner with my clients, providing leadership and expertise in developing high-performing finance, HR, and IT functions. My ability to tie financial and operational goals into actionable behaviors enables organizations to focus on details that make a difference. Because numbers are a result of organization’s behaviors, I encourage structure and improve change adoption amongst the leadership team and across the organization.

Some examples of significant initiatives that I have led and their benefits to my clients and employers, include:

Designing strategic expansion plan and pricing review allowing company to grow units by 33%, revenue by 75%, and enterprise value by 300%.

Leading financial due diligence for buy-side and sell-side M&A including private equity transactions.

Creating a new compensation plan for a retail services organization that aligned incentives from the front line workers through the Director of Operations with common KPIs tied to strategic objectives.

I am passionate about helping small and mid-size businesses grow!

I held executive financial positions at mid-to-large-sized companies including: