Donald O. Retreage, Jr.

Visionary finance executive and trusted advisor to C-suite and boards, leveraging corporate finance and operations background to drive growth-focused strategies and turnarounds. Transformational servant leader building and coaching cross-functional & cross-cultural teams to deliver business outcomes exceeding stakeholder expectations.

My Primary Focus:

  • Start-ups, Turnaround, Capital Raise
  • Situational Assessment 
  • Strategic Direction – SWOT Analysis, Creating Mission, Vision & Core Values
  • Strategic Financial/Operational Planning, Analysis, Execution
  • Business Model Transformation 
  • Building/Restructuring Accounting Departments 
  • Business Planning – Budgeting, Forecasting, Cash Flow Management 
  • Cost and Manufacturing Accounting 
  • Financial Management, Reporting
  • M&A – Due Diligence & Post Integration 

My focus and passion is partnering with business owners and their management teams to identify key business drivers, manage cash flow, forecast future results and provide actionable financial dashboards for all levels of their companies and to gain insights into the levers that enable growth and stakeholder value.

What differentiates me as a CFO is my leadership background in international business operations and a passion for problem-solving. Having been responsible for P&Ls within Fortune 100s and startups, I am both a business and financial strategist focused on solutions to maximize revenue and profits. My skillset traverses any industry and I have a track record of growth, turnaround and strategic leadership.

A few accomplishments where I have led or played an integral role include:
  • Galvanized innovation by establishing term limits for board of directors, ensuring growth focus and fresh ideas.
  • Delivered financial turnaround, saving $2.1 million annually, by repositioning cash flow, relocating operations from New York to Orlando, implementing ERP system, & reorganizing finance department.  
  • Lowered interest payments by 45% and negotiated additional 8-figure secured credit to fund future M&A transactions and strategic initiatives, by cultivating new banking relationships.
  • Established “Employee Engagement” initiative to identify employee issues and create platform of internal “morale builders”; survey results went from 68% to 80%.
  • Explored business development opportunities related to M&A and advised executive team and board.
  • Instrumental in transforming public company’s mission, vision and core values, impacted every function of the company and its employees, boosting sales growth from 4% to 23%.
  • Restructured operations team to realize 6% growth in 4 months, which grew to 16% within 11 months.
  • Reversed 5-year annual losses of $400K by carefully controlling costs, eliminating siloes, and cross-training staff to improve understanding of internal controls and tie into financial reporting mechanisms.
  • Galvanized accounting policy and financial controls with the Company’s Trading Group’s financial and SOX regulations, cutting documentation time from 30 days to 10 days.
  • Achieved $30M turnover savings (2%) by securing local government assistance with tax and port cost holidays, which ultimately heightened shareholder confidence in the company’s market sustainability.


Don is a growth focused person and has the ability to reduce complex situations to easily understandable and communicated issues... He has excellent training skills and works hard to develop his subordinates. Don managed the successful integration of a major acquisition which doubled the size of the company... Don also has significant negotiation skills which he successfully used to improve our banking and insurance relationships saving the company hundreds of thousands of dollars in premiums and loan costs.

In addition to his excellent accounting and financial expertise Don has the ability to learn new businesses. While he had no prior optical experience he was quickly able to learn our unique business and build helpful financial models for our forecasts and strategic plans.

– Jim Gaynor, Former CEO & President – Lightpath Technologies, Inc.

Don Retreage is a sensible and professional CFO. In my experience working with Don he focused on practical solutions and has a win-win attitude for all negotiations. I have enjoyed seeing Don work with public companies. He understands board dynamics and is highly focused on strong stakeholder returns.

– Gabriel De Jesus, Vice President – Foundry Commercial

It's rare that you come across a professional talent like Don. I have had the pleasure of working side by side with him for the better part of two years, collaborating for Lightpath Technologies. Don's attention to detail and ability to effectively communicate with different parties was a major driving factor to what we have been able to accomplish together. Don goes above and beyond the call of duty as he brings such a personal touch to the table, I have never had an unpleasant interaction with him and am pleased to now be able to call him a friend. Any company would be blessed to have Don as an asset on their team and comes with my heartfelt recommendation

– Tyler Kitzmiller, Commercial Insurance Advisor – Brown & Brown

Don is a highly professional CFO and business leader. He uses his business acumen, global experience and people skills to help lead the management team to focus on the important business levers, and then to consider the underlying “why”. Not only is he effective; he is steady and always looking to grow the business. In essence, Mr. Retreage is a good man in your corner.

– Devin Standard, Global Business Development Leader – Lightpath Technologies, Inc.

Donald has always led by example in his professional and personal life. With a key focus on operations he has shown extraordinary capability no matter where he has been placed geographically. He is a natural leader and people enjoy working with him. His military background along with his willingness to embrace tough challenges make him the go-to guy for solutions.

– Tiger Aster, CEO TORO – Water Air Thermal Technologies

Donald always conducts himself with a high degree of professionalism and dedication. He is a good listener and takes feedback well. He constantly looks for ways to improve all facets of the Operations and proved to be an invaluable resource to the team and company. Donald has exceptional business insight and sharp analytical skills and is not afraid of a challenge, is highly adaptive, and works effectively with individuals at all levels of the organization. Donald performs the duties with all the diligence, sound judgment, and expertise for his position demands. His contributions are vital, timely, and well considered. I came to trust his counsel implicitly, and I recommend Donald Retreage most highly.

John Cardenas, Director of Quality – Lightpath Technologies, Inc.