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Restructuring a Business Plan to Facilitate Continued Growth

The Challenge

Our client, a logistics and transportation company, determined that the original business plan they started and grew the company with would no longer support growth.

The Solution

It was essentially time to start over, which meant analyzing how to scale the company and gain more control over revenues, cash flow and profitably.

The Implementation

One of our partners identified key steps necessary to build a strong company.

  • Corporate Structure (C Corp) will NOT support projected growth.
  • The decision was made to take the 1-time hit to Revenue and immediately take all 3 – 2014 trucks out of service, trucks were sold and replaced with 2-new trucks.
  • Re-balance the Fleet between owned, leased and owner operators to quickly scale to changing volumes. 40%-40%-20%
  • Cash Management and Forecasting is key to running and growing the company.

The Results

In collaboration with the client, our partner developed a strategic plan to enable the company to grow revenues and profits and improved the scope of financial reporting and ensured that all team members understand the financial statements (balance sheet and P&L statements) and other critical information to support better business decision making. The effort has allowed the company to rapidly grow revenues and profits.

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