Our Latest Addition of Partners

We're adding even more variety and skill to our roster of Florida CFO Partners.

As we continue to expand our experts across the state of Florida, we organically broaden our knowledge base, being able to better serve a diverse range of clients and industries.

This is our Secret Sauce. Our partners have access to each other, which opens up the doors to a plethora of experiences, backgrounds, environments, specialties, and overall knowledge of financial strategies. The group works as a team with the ability to advise clients from all different perspectives - some that are critical depending on needs, and some perspectives that serve as a second round of assurance.

For these reasons, we are excited to welcome three more leaders to the Florida CFO Group:

Marylean Abney joins us from South Florida. She spent over three decades with Caterpillar Inc. where she drove a $3 billion improvement in economic profit thanks to her expertise in categorizing product offerings into four profit/loss quadrants, better allocating resources, and establishing clear metrics of success. She is decisive and efficient and focuses on results. Marylean's vast experience ranges from billion-dollar public companies to small and medium-sized businesses. Her knowledge of ERP systems, supply chain management, cost reduction strategies, and cashflow improvement strategies serves as a major asset to clients and to the group overall.

Tim Fischer joins us from the Sarasota area. He has over three decades of experience leading profitable start-ups and operational turnarounds. Tim's expertise in raising capital, cost reduction strategies, negotiation, and leading financial policy and procedure makes him a critical player to clients and the group. His experience includes raising $5 million in new capital to help fund acquisitions, reducing operating costs by more than $2 million while improving bottom-line results by 25%, and negotiating a majority sale of a small business to private equity.


We are honored to call these three Florida CFO Group Partners. Welcome to the team, Marylean, Tommy, and Tim!


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