Our Latest Addition of Partners

Have you met our two most recently added CFO partners?

We're proud to have Anna Agnew and Barry Brover join us as the newest partners in the group. Anna and Barry serve as CFOs to companies headquartered in Florida as well as other states.

Anna has more than 15 years of CFO service experience in more than 29 industries. She is a finance, treasury, and accounting executive with a background working in public and private corporate settings as well as consulting. Anna's track record demonstrates her ability to help companies achieve greater profitability. She is adept at identifying revenue enhancements and cost reduction opportunities, implementing technological initiatives, and developing strategic alliances in the U.S. and global markets. Anna's experience meets the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission's definition to serve as an Audit Committee Financial Expert. Get in touch with Anna here.

Barry has more than 30 years of experience, most notably with Barnes & Noble College Booksellers. His results-oriented, operationally-centered financial leadership style contributed to the significant revenue growth success from $125 million to over $2 billion at Barnes & Noble. Barry focused on free cash flow, organic growth, and acquisitions. He developed solutions to problems focused on improving profitability. He also developed financial models, led diligence, and integration, ultimately leading the sale of the company at a strong multiple with the continued integration into a public company. Get in touch with Barry here.

At the Florida CFO Group, we go through a rigorous vetting process before accepting any CFO into the partnership. It is with honor that we welcome Anna and Barry into the group. We are confident in their abilities to make a significant impact on their clients as they've already demonstrated through their contributions in previous roles as well as in the current time they've served as Florida CFO Group partners.

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