Elevating Financial Success: The Crucial Role of a Fractional CFO in Team Assessment – Part 1


The role of a fractional CFO extends far beyond managing financial strategies; it involves a critical evaluation of the existing Accounting, Finance, and Treasury teams within a company. Upon commencing a client engagement, an important mission of a fractional CFO is to provide a fresh perspective to owners and private equity sponsors. This involves a comprehensive assessment of the operating teams, aiming to identify skills gaps and enhance tactical and strategic proficiencies. In this article, we delve into the importance of this assessment and how it sets the stage for long-term success.

Immediate Assessment for Strategic Alignment:

Upon stepping into a new client engagement, a fractional CFO understands the urgency of assessing the existing teams. This initial evaluation serves as a foundation for aligning financial goals with the overall strategic objectives of the organization. By identifying and communicating requisite skills, proficiency gaps can be immediately addressed.   This proactive approach ensures that team members are equipped for success at an early stage of the engagement.

Addressing Tactical and Strategic Proficiency Gaps:

Identifying proficiency gaps is a key aspect of the assessment process. Tactical proficiency relates to the day-to-day operational skills required to execute financial functions effectively. Strategic proficiency, on the other hand, focuses on the ability to contribute to long-term financial planning and decision-making. The fractional CFO, through a keen understanding of both aspects, can guide the teams in addressing these gaps promptly.

Building Team Morale:

Addressing proficiency gaps not only enhances the capabilities of individual team members but also contributes significantly to building team morale. Team members feel supported and empowered when they receive the necessary resources and guidance to improve their skills. A fractional CFO, acting as a mentor and catalyst for positive change, fosters an environment where team members are motivated to excel.

Collaborative and Repeatable Template for Achievement:

The lasting impact of team assessment goes beyond immediate improvements. It lays the groundwork for a collaborative and repeatable template for achievement. The fractional CFO, by identifying and addressing proficiency gaps, sets a precedent for continuous improvement. This becomes a part of the organizational culture, fostering a mindset that values ongoing learning and adaptation to industry changes.


In the dynamic landscape of finance, the role of a fractional CFO as a strategic partner is indispensable. The immediate assessment of Accounting, Finance, and Treasury teams forms the bedrock for success. By identifying and communicating requisite skills, addressing proficiency gaps, and building team morale, the fractional CFO creates a collaborative and repeatable template for achievement. The ripple effects of this proactive approach are felt not only in the short term but also contribute to the long-term resilience and success of the organization.

The Author:

Andrew Kirk, a Partner at the Florida CFO Group, provides owners and private equity sponsors with collaborative solutions to complex business challenges delivering sustainable results.  Check out his LinkedIn profile at www.linkedin.com/in/andrew-w-kirk-96879412/.


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