Adding Depth to Our Group: Welcome Our Newest CFO Partners

The 21 partners of the Florida CFO Group share a common thread: Every one of us has many years of experience as a chief financial officer. The true strength of our group, however, comes from our differences. We’ve served a wide range industries, and our areas of expertise are diverse. Collectively, our CFO experience is broad and deep.

That experience is getting even deeper with the diverse backgrounds brought to the group by our three newest partners:

  • Roddy Premsukh, like several of our partners, has strong experience as a CFO for manufacturers. Roddy’s journey, though, has given him special expertise with ERP implementations and international operations.

  • Andrew Kirk brings a rich base of CFO experience partnering with business owners and private equity sponsors. He adds depth to our group with his special expertise in setting up and creating governance structures for family offices that help them harvest value.

  • Joanne Dempster is an experienced CFO with a broad range of industry experience. Like many CFOs in our group, she has led business turnarounds and infrastructure improvement projects. Joanne’s journey has made her proficient in addressing the challenges of managing and controlling inventory.

The partners of the Florida CFO Group are looking forward to tapping into Roddy’s ERP expertise, Andrew’s family office knowledge, and Joanne’s vast inventory management skillset to help us all better serve our clients.

Welcome to the team, Roddy, Andrew and Joanne!

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