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Dale West

I am a chief financial officer and chief operating officer with over 25 years of experience leading entrepreneurial organizations. I am an innovative thinker with wide-ranging experience in operations, accounting, finance, and business development.
The goals, initiatives and responsibilities where my clients find my help most beneficial include:
  • Financial and management reporting
  • Budget preparation and analysis    
  • Financial modeling and forecasting
  • Acquisition and business development
  • Operational and strategic planning
  • Debt management and compliance
  • Treasury and cash management
  • System implementations
I serve my clients as a diligent leader with strong analytical and strategic planning skills, a great eye for detail and the adeptness to quickly grasp the financial and operational dynamics of a business. 

My experience in public accounting and corporate organizations, ranging from mature organizations to turnarounds and startups, allows me to quickly assess and add value to the companies that I serve. In addition to their financial objectives, today’s companies have multiple reporting obligations that require effective financial and management reporting systems, another area of my expertise.

I offer an in-depth background of financial and operational experience over diverse industries, including retail, real estate services and telecommunications. I work comfortably and communicate effectively with management, financial partners and investors.
Some of my noteworthy professional accomplishments include:
  • Leading a national broadcast and telecommunication company to achieve market expansion
  • Overseeing the planning, development and acquisition of over 60 broadcast towers in multiple markets for that company
  • Building key industry relationships
  • Implementing effective procedures and systems for accounting, construction and property management––all supporting an aggressive and ever-changing growth model
  • Implementing telecommunication tower site development as an element of the business strategy for a regional residential and mixed-use property developer

I joined the Florida CFO Group with over 20 years of executive-level experience in accounting, finance and operations. I earned a Bachelor of Arts in business administration and accounting, and a Master of Accounting Science from the University of Illinois.

Since joining the Florida CFO Group, most of my time has been spent as the CFO of a major shipyard and marine-related services company, providing a range of services to both commercial ship owners and governmental agencies.

Before I joined the group, my experiences included:

  • COO for a national broadcast and telecommunication tower owner/operator
  • CFO for a regional residential and mixed-use property developer
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