Bill Grueninger—CEO, The SSL Store

I’ve been lucky enough to have had the pleasure of working with Bill for about 2 years now. First off, from the moment he stepped foot into our organization, we became a better, stronger and more financially sound business. His years of experience and business acumen is what allowed him to immediately add value and quickly gain a detailed understanding of our complex, global operation. With the odds against him and no favors given by his predecessor, he was able to successfully navigate us out of an unfortunate and dire financial situation. Upon righting the ship, I credit his communication skills and strategic insight as the differentiating factors that allowed us to take the next giant leap in our company’s evolution. Additionally, his professionalism and integrity is always on display, which allows him to quickly gain the respect of any room. I am 100% confident in his ability to fulfill a CFO role of any size and truly hope he remains a part of my team for many years to come.“

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