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Celebration of Women Business Owners

| By: Florida CFO Group

In recognition of Women's History Month this March 2023, we had the pleasure of honoring women-owned businesses throughout the month during our Tuesday morning CFO Coffee Talks.

Each entrepreneur is an inspiration - sharing their success story and guidance as a speaker during our weekly LinkedIn Live show. If you missed a CFO Coffee Talk this March, you can catch up by clicking the links below. Here's the lineup of the female powerhouses we had the honor of speaking with:

Cathy Miron, President and CEO, eSilo

Watch the CFO Coffee Talk with Cathy Miron

  • With their end-to-end view of how processes, data, and risk flows through an organization, Finance and IT is a powerful partnership.
  • Cybersecurity is one of the only areas in business where redundancy is not a cost-cutting opportunity. Having layers of multiple controls protect you from being compromised.
  • Go easy on yourself! Work-life balance is not a state of equilibrium but more of a work-life flow.

Maryann Kilgallon, Founder and CEO, POMM®

Watch the CFO Coffee Talk with Maryann Kilgallon

  • Be selective and build a great team around you who have expertise, passion, and high integrity.
  • Collaborating with the Florida CFO Group helped take us to the next level and the partnership has been critical in our journey.
  • Follow your dreams and surround yourself with other dreamers! The first step is always the hardest but push through and go for it!

Randi Karpinia, Founder and CEO, Sagacity Legal, PLLC

Watch the CFO Coffee Talk with Randi Karpinia

  • Build your own dreams instead of someone else's. You will be grateful you did.
  • The most important competitive edge is YOU. Protect your distinct uniqueness.
  • Fail forward to find success. Move beyond your setbacks and transform your failures into lessons learned.

Tonya Turrell, CEO and Chief Inspiration Officer, The Launchpad

Watch the CFO Coffee Talk with Tonya Turrell

  • The world is hungry for a new model of leadership with a more empathic style. Building up people, your most valuable resource, is instrumental to success.
  • Having a partner like the Florida CFO Group helped us navigate challenges and improved the health of our organization.
  • The idea of life-work balance is a myth. Let go of this concept and instead look for harmony and reevaluate often.

Interested in being a guest speaker for one of our CFO Coffee Talks? They're only 15 min long and are held every Tuesday morning at 8:15 AM EST. Email Phil Nahajewski for more information.

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