Celebration of Black Business Owners 2023

We were honored to celebrate black business owners in recognition of Black History Month this February 2023.

Check out the impressive lineup of guest speakers we had for CFO Coffee Talks below, hosted all month long by our very own CFO Partner, Marylean Abney.

Here are some of the insights shared by these amazingly accomplished business leaders:

Joseph Simmons, Founder and CEO for The Center for Micro-Entrepreneurial Training

Watch the CFO Coffee Talk with Joseph Simmons

  • Part of our DNA is to get businesses off to a strong start on their entrepreneurial journey and to create a better world for aspiring women, black, and brown entrepreneurs.
  • My success has been ignited by the people I've worked with including Florida CFO Group's, Phil Nahajewski.
  • The essence of CMET is to build solid businesses that can grow and be passed down from one generation to the next.


Regine Bonneau, CTPRP, Founder and CEO for RB Advisory

Watch the CFO Coffee Talk with Regine Bonneau

  • Take your passion and turn it into something that is impactful for yourself and your community. Learn how to pivot when your journey takes you on good and bad curves.


Kim C. Shaw, MAML, Founder and CEO for InspiringYOU!

Watch the CFO Coffee Talk with Kim Shaw

  • Businesses that take care of their employees will continue to thrive. People are your greatest assets, so make sure you continue to cheer them on and they will become your biggest fans.


Roda Ward Carter, MBA, Founder and CEO for Carter-Health Disposables and Pet Nabor

Watch the CFO Coffee Talk with Roda Ward Carter

  • If you aren't uncomfortable, you aren't learning and progressing. Get outside your comfort zone and BELIEVE in YOURSELF!

  • Even as a startup, having and understanding your financial numbers is key. Surround yourself with people like the Florida CFO Group that can provide the expertise that you may not have.

  • A blend of agility, resourcefulness, and responsiveness is a winning combination.


Sheryl Mays, Chief Experience Officer for Rise and Shine CF

Watch the CFO Coffee Talk with Sheryl Mays

  • Help ALL employees understand the impact they have on the bottom line and that everyone at the company is part of something bigger.
  • If you don't know what your customers are experiencing, take the customer journey yourself.
  • There is one sole purpose in business and that is to create customers that create customers.


Interested in being a guest speaker for one of our CFO Coffee Talks? They're only 15 min long and are held every Tuesday morning at 8:15 AM EST. Email Phil Nahajewski for more information.

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