Avoiding Blind Spots

The Critical Role of Finance in Entrepreneurial Leadership


In the dynamic landscape of entrepreneurship, CEOs often juggle multiple priorities, from product development to marketing strategies. However, one aspect that is often undervalued and underinvested in is the finance function. Entrepreneurial CEOs may prioritize their own biases and overlook critical blind spots, inadvertently neglecting the finance function.

Let's explore the repercussions of such neglect, while emphasizing the importance of recognizing and addressing this crucial aspect of business leadership.

The Underestimated Finance Function

Entrepreneurial CEOs, driven by their passion and vision, often overlook the significance of the finance function. They may view it as a back-office necessity, or an extension of the tax preparer function, rather than a strategic asset that should be integrated into the corporate culture. Consequently, proper GAAP accounting, financial planning, analysis, risk management, and their critical role in strategic planning, take a backseat, leading to potential inefficiencies and missed opportunities. By underestimating the finance function, CEOs risk hindering the long-term growth and sustainability of their ventures.

Biases vs. Blind Spots Entrepreneurial

It is natural for CEOs to be susceptible to biases that influence their decision-making processes. Whether it is overconfidence in their vision or a reluctance to confront financial challenges, these biases can lead to skewed priorities and misallocated resources. Moreover, CEOs may have blind spots regarding financial intricacies, lacking expertise in areas such as cash flow management or financial reporting. Ignoring these blind spots can leave the business vulnerable to unseen risks and disruptions.

The Cost of Neglect

Underinvesting in the finance function can have far-reaching consequences for businesses and stakeholders. Without proper financial oversight, companies may struggle to anticipate and mitigate risks, leading to potential cash flow crises, debt covenant breaches, lost customer opportunities, or regulatory non-compliance. Moreover, poor financial management can erode lender or investor confidence which hinders opportunities for growth and expansion. Ultimately, the cost of neglecting the finance function can outweigh any short-term gains, jeopardizing the future viability and even the sale of the business.

Building a Strong Financial Foundation

To avoid the pitfalls of underinvestment, entrepreneurial CEOs must prioritize building a robust financial foundation. This begins with recognizing the importance of the finance function and allocating adequate resources accordingly. Investing in qualified financial professionals and implementing robust financial systems and processes are essential steps towards establishing financial stability and resilience. Moreover, fostering a culture of financial transparency and accountability can help mitigate biases and address blind spots effectively.

Embracing Strategic Financial Leadership

Entrepreneurial CEOs must adopt a strategic approach to financial leadership, leveraging data-driven insights and forward-looking analysis to drive decision-making. By integrating finance into the core of their business strategy, CEOs can better anticipate risks, capitalize on opportunities, and drive sustainable growth. This requires a shift in mindset from viewing finance as a cost center to recognizing it as a strategic enabler of business success.


In the fast-paced world of entrepreneurship, the finance function often takes a backseat to more visible priorities. However, underestimating and underinvesting in finance can have dire consequences for businesses in the long run. Entrepreneurial CEOs must recognize the importance of the finance function and take proactive steps to address any biases and blind spots. By prioritizing financial leadership and building a strong financial foundation, CEOs can navigate uncertainties and drive long-term value creation for their businesses and stakeholders.


The Authors

Ernie Scheidemann is a Partner at the Florida CFO Group and a seasoned professional, with a proven track record of implementing best practices, enhancing internal controls, and strategic financial leadership across diverse industries. Ernie has significant experience in the financial and risk management areas, having served as Chief Financial Officer for multiple public, private, and PE backed companies. You can also visit Ernie’s LinkedIn profile for more information.

Don Noble, a distinguished Partner at the Florida CFO Group and a technology expert, boasts an extensive background in financial leadership and advisory roles. Leveraging his wealth of experience, he collaborates with businesses to optimize their financial and technological strategies, fostering growth and resilience in the dynamic marketplace. You can also visit Don’s LinkedIn Profile for more information.

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