A High Quality of Life for High-Quality CFOs

Being a full-time CFO for a large enterprise is a thrilling experience. Working the 50+ hours/week to excel in this role can lose its luster as we get older though. Many of us yearn for more work-life balance as we enter the “back nine” of career.

Becoming a fractional CFO can be a step toward that balance. There are several agencies that seek CFOs that they can bill out at an hourly rate and split the proceeds with the fractional CFO. High-quality CFOs generally do not like the idea of working for an agency that assigns them to clients and makes them follow agency procedures designed to maximize the agency’s cash flow.

The Florida CFO Group Way

Thankfully, there is a good alternative for experienced CFOs in Florida. Back in 2010, the Florida CFO Group was formed to create a non-agency model designed to create a high-quality of life that gives CFOs the freedom to shape their fractional work-life.

As partners in the Florida CFO Group, we:

  • choose our own clients.
  • choose how best to serve them.
  • choose how many days we want to work.
  • have a direct relationship with the business owners we serve.
  • keep all the money paid by business owners for our services.
  • share knowledge and fellowship with other high-quality CFOs.
  • benefit from the Florida CFO Group marketing efforts.

And there is no large upfront buy-in to become a partner. The modest onboarding fee offsets the initial marketing costs for new partners and ongoing monthly dues are nominal.

The best thing about the Florida CFO Group is how it sets us up to deliver a tremendous value to our clients. Having the freedom to shape our services to best fit each client’s needs combined with a support system of 29 other partners willing to share their insights and knowledge helps us do great work for our clients. 

We’re Looking for High-Quality Florida-based CFOs

Our non-agency model has attracted 30 high-quality CFOs over the past 13 years. Yet, demand for our CFO services is outpacing our supply, especially outside of the Tampa/Sarasota market where the group was formed.

We want to spread the word that we are looking for high-quality Florida-based CFOs (especially in the Orlando market).

What are The Florida CFO Group’s requirements for partnership?

  • You have at least ten years of strategic CFO experience (because clients expect an experienced CFO when they contact the Florida CFO Group).
  • You live in Florida (because we like to get together face-to-face once each quarter).
  • You have the spirit of partnership (because our strength comes from partners willing to share their knowledge with other partners).
  • And you share our values:
    • Integrity
    • Teamwork
    • Trust
    • Excellence
    • Efficiency
    • Flexibility

    • Wisdom

Contact us about becoming a partner

If you are interested in becoming a partner in The Florida CFO Group, you may contact the partner that covers your market area directly or complete the form below:

Tampa Bay / Sarasota: Joe Price                     

South Florida: Marylean Abney                

Central Florida (and other FL markets): Phil Nahajewski  

Watch this recent CFO Coffee Talk Show (only 15 minutes long) as our three partners discuss "The Good Life" of partnership with the Florida CFO Group.        


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