About the Florida CFO Group

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Founded in 2010, the Florida CFO Group provides part-time and interim CFO services to Florida’s growth companies. This includes assisting in raising funds, mergers and acquisitions, recapitalization, exit and succession planning, and structuring to meet ongoing opportunities.

Each of our partners is a career CFO, and many have been providing CFO services on a fractional share or interim basis over the past decade or more. Our partners’ focus on cost-effective financial reporting, budgeting, forecasting, controls, and fiscal management yields results. Each partner brings a wide-range of CFO skills and a wealth of experience to clients in a consultative partnership.

Our approach to client service includes two core guiding principles. First, we implement our CFO services to leverage our client’s full-time permanent accounting and finance staff whenever possible. Secondly, we believe in a proactive approach to the CFO function and the financial leadership of our client’s executive management team.

As consulting CFO’s, we believe our role as “Chief Profitability Officer” resides fully with our clients and our scope of recommended services always makes this a priority. Our frequency of being on-site depends on inclusion in the executive management team, as well as the needs of the accounting and finance function.